«Gifts of Nature» Company

Let me introduce our company «Gifts of Nature» !

The main kind of activity is purchase of wild fur directly from hunters and realization of Russian fur, both in territory of Russia, and for export.

«Gifts of Nature» is registered on March, 21st, 2006 in Vladivostok.

In spite of the firm was opened recently, its roots leave far in the past and originate in far 1970 — when Victor Kahanov — the head of the company, which assignee is «Gifts of Nature», has finished Fur technical school in Irkutsk, then on distribution has got a job in the «Samarginsky government hunting organization» in Primorsky region of Russia where he has reached posts of the chairman. After disintegration of the USSR, on ruins «government hunting organization» Victor Kahanov has organized a commercial organization. After children have grown, they were involved in business, therefore has been created family company «Gifts of Nature». Now the company’s manager is his daughter — Julia Belikova, and supervises purchase and selling her husband Andrey Belikov.

The company’s mission is:

  • Supporting of hunters and radical smaller peoples, by gathering furs, derivatives and wild plants at the high price. 
  • Creation of a powerful data portal for professionals and beginners of fur business — www.RosMex.ru — for the purpose to collect everyone in one place, for increase knowledge in fur sector participants, increases of sales level and acceleration of goods turnover at each resident of Russian fur portal.

The goal is lifting sales volume to level of the largest fur trading companies, by selling at world market.

The task is to interest hunters in improvement of quality of handed over raw fur materials to world level.

«Gifts of Nature» Co Ltd sales following kinds of fur:

Kind of Russian wild fur
SQUIRREL kolinski

Also we collect orders for any fur and any amount what u need, but under condition if it is legal.

The «Gifts of Nature» company’s motto: Be fair in business and then the success will accompany!